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x2 Glueless Transparent Lace Wig

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100% Virgin Human Hair

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What is TRANSPARENT lace wig?

A transparent lace wig is a lace ranging in various transparent colors. Colors range from dark and medium brown to light brown and transparent. TRANSPARENT LACE WIGS are made up of a 13x4 piece of lace frontal closure and human hair. This transparent lace is made of Swiss lace, Swiss lace is oftentimes used more often due to being softer and more ductile. These wigs can be dyed, bleached, and color-match your skin. The great thing about these wigs is that despite your complexion, this lace will match. Also, another great aspect of this wig are the knots being pre-bleached so you do not have to do this.

Why You Should Choose Seyna Hair?
We choose the very top-level premium Brazilian Virgin Hair from one donor. We are focusing on 100% premium human hair products with the great quality
Seyna Hair
Real Transparent Lace and Glue Less,  Hight quality
100% cuticle aligned human hair, 180% Density
No tangling and no shedding
100% cuticle aligned virgin hair, from one single donor
Can Be Dyed, Permed, Bleached, Highlighted, Curled or Styled As Your Own Hair
The Other Hair
No Glue Less
Curticled Damaged
Estimated Time 6 months to 1 year
Different donors (has been dyed or curled human hair) With acid bath
Less Quality
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What you get when you buy our Combo
Seyna Hair Combo
x1 Glueless Straight 13x4 Transparent Lace Front
x1 Glueless Jerry Curly 13x4 Transparent Lace Front
FREE Gift Packs (Value $20)
Can Be Dyed, Permed, Bleached, Highlighted, Curled or Styled As Your Own Hair
Material breaths.
Seyna Hair Combo
Quality Guarantee
Weight : 256g-332g
180% Density
Texture: Straight & Jerry Curly
Tangle Free
Extremely flexible.
Seyna Hair Combo
100% Unprocessed Brazilian Virgin Human Hair
Full Cuticle Aligned
Wear Comfortable
Natural Black Color
Offers a natural look when compared to your average lace front wigs.
Straight & Jerry Curly Transparent 13x4 Lace Closure Wig - Seyna Hair
$351.14 $423.10
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30 Day Money Back Guarantee
Returns: Fast refund, buyer protection
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Find anything you want to know about our wigs.

Can I ask for small/large cap?
Our Stock Size is Medium which is 22.5 inches, and we have the combs and elastic band or adjustable straps inside. Please remember to take a note on the cart or send us an Email for a specific request.
Is your wig/hair getting tangled or shedding?
It could be caused by dry hair. Please make sure to wash & condition your hair at least once a week, twice a week is better. Straight Brazilian virgin hair Comb the hair from time to time. You could go to your stylist for further suggestions. For Jerry Curl style, we don't suggest to comb it. If you have to, please comb it with hands or wide-teeth brush gently. Tight teeth brush will ruin the hair original shape and make it fizzy and feels like tangle! Please always comb the hair from the ends and work your way up. When you dye the hair with bleach powder, please control the time within 5 minutes. If you dye it with dye cream, you need to control the time within 20 minutes. Otherwise, the hair will be damaged by cream if you leave it too long there, which will lead to shedding. When sleeping,please bond the hair with elastic band or wear a cap. It will avoid tangling or shapes-changing. After waking up, please remove the band and comb through beginning at the ends and working your way up to the roots. When swimming, we suggest to wear a swimming cap. Because the sea water or pool water is not good for hair, it will make the hair tangle and rough. It`s better to wash it with warm water, with hair shampoo and hair conditioner after swimming.
Can I return if not satisfied?
If you don't want your order /or you place wrong order/ or want a longer length/ you would like to exchange the order, you need to pay for the return charge, and your refund will be reduced by $20 (because the Shipping Fee we paid the first time).
Can I go swimming with a wig?
Yes, you can go for a swim with the wig. When swimming, we suggest to wear a swimming cap. Because the sea water or pool water is not good for hair, it will make the hair tangle and rough. It`s better to wash it with warm water, with hair shampoo and hair conditioner after swimming.
If I return the parcel, do I need to pay the returned shipping fee?
If the returning is due to our problems (Such as: Incorrect products, the Quality problem of products), we will provide a full refund for you; If the returning is due to buyer`s problems (Such as: Don`t like/want, Order wrong product/size ), we will remove $20 from your refund as loss of freight and handling fee.


You are fully protected by our 100% Money Back Guarantee.
If you don’t like our products over the next 30 days, then we will gladly refund your money.
No questions asked!
Payment is made securely through Paypal along with Buyer Protection policy.
No Paypal account needed.
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Find anything you want to know about our product and tips to make your teeth whiter
Is your wig come in bleached?
Our lace wigs are already bleached based on the guarantee of the hair not shedding.
Can your hair be dyed? Can you dyed for me?
We are sorry that we don't have color service available now. And please don`t worry, because our hair is nice virgin hair , which can be dyed or bleached. The reason why we cancel the color service is that the customers will not satisfied with the color we done or the color number was not matched with what they need. So can you dye it by yourself or your stylist if possible
Can your wig use glueless? Can I make ponytail or bun?
You can try to use it with glue or without glue, but use glue will be natural looking. Some sisters don`t use glue their hair is secured with a custom strap and comb in the back and got 2 be glued spray, it doesn`t move at all, very secure, and you can choose got 2b glue gel (black bottle). About the ponytail or bun, yes, you can make it, no problem.
Is your hair 100% human hair? What is the grade? Where are they from?
We are selling nice virgin hair, which is natural and nice. It is 100% human hair, and top virgin hair. It is Brazilian hair.
How to care the hair?
When you are brushing your hair, be gentle! You must always use a wide tooth comb to brush hair from the bottom up, small sections at a time. For CURLY hair please detangle it when in water with conditioner. DONT comb it after it is dry, otherwise it will cause tangling and matting. Without the proper treatment, your hair will get damaged quickly. Use good brand hair care products such as Pantene or Keracare to keep your hair soft. Avoid hair products that contain alcohol because it makes hair dry. Chemical agents are widely used to add curl to straight hair and to loosen curls in curly hair. These products can permanently alter the structure of the hair. These compounds can also cause severe hair loss from over processing. Never use perms or relaxers on damaged hair. Wash and condition hair regularly. Detangle hair gently before washing. Wash it gently in one direction only with warm water and some mild shampoo following with conditioner. Rinse it carefully and let it air dry. DONT rub the hair or press it to hard while washing it. Deep wavy or curly hair always needs more maintenance than wavy or straight hair. Always braid your hair before going to bed, swimming or exercising. Never sleep with wet hair. Prolonged sun, water and wind exposure can damage the hair. It is also advised that you keep hair from coming into contact with saltwater and chlorine water as these factors can also contribute to the wear.

How to wash/care your hair/wig?

When you wash the hair, better to brush it first. Use warm water and hair shampoo to wash twice. Then put the hair conditioner equally on the hair for 5 minutes. Then wash it with cleaning water. A hair conditioner is very necessary every time when you wash your hair! We suggest you to use high quality hair conditioner. If you want to blow your hair dry, please blow to 80% dry, then keep the rest 20% to naturally dry, by this way, it will keep your hair away from drying and frizzy! When you feel the hair is very dry, you can spray some hair oil. Meanwhile, when you wash the hair, you can pour little hair care oil into warm water ,and put the hair inside that warm water for 10 minutes around. The hair will be more silk and soft comparing before. But we don’t suggest you to use hair oil everyday. Because hair oil may make your hair strands dry and hard! If you want to get your hair curls back, better to use crimping iron to curl the hair according to its original curl shape again!